Have you ever lost a pet? If you have suffered the loss of a dog or cat in the past, then you will already know the value of microchipping domestic animals. Lurgan Veterinary Clinic runs a service designed to help you to prevent loss, and ensure that your pets would be returned to you, even if they were to escape or be stolen.


Let us help you to protect your pet and prevent loss with our services. Our professional team are able to perform this service in our well-equipped clinic.

Keep your Pets Safe with Microchipping

You may have decided that microchipping your horses or farm animals is the only way to prevent loss or theft. If you have had livestock stolen before, then you know how hard it is to recover those animals, and the high cost even of success. Prevent animals from being spirited away, or from getting lost after floods or winds with microchipping services offered by Lurgan Veterinary Clinic. We can also provide vaccination and other services for your animals. Call our clinic to find out more.

Microchipping Horses and Large Animals

Keep your pets safe with our microchipping techniques. Call:

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