Almost everyone in the country takes the time to go to their doctor for routine health checks. Blood pressure and weight checks are as important for your pets as they are for your own health. Without routine health checks, you can become ill very quickly. This is even more true of your pets. At Lurgan Veterinary Clinic, we can offer your pets annual checks, and our passion for animals, both large and small, means that you can be assured of top-quality treatment for your beloved pets.

Care for your animals with Routine Health Checks

Are you maintaining a herd of livestock, or looking after one or more horses? These animals can be very costly, and if they fall sick you will probably not know what to do next. With routine health checks, our vets can make sure that your animals are healthy all year round. We also offer vaccinations to ensure the health of your large animals. Call us now to find out more.

Farm and Equine Animals Need Routine Checks too

Take care of your pets with routine health checks. Call us now on:

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