When you were a child, you would have had a series of vaccinations. These are designed to ensure that you stay healthy even if you are in contact with a serious illness. Vaccination is also used in pets and farm animals to ensure that they remain well. Your pet can be vaccinated against serious animal diseases such as Feline Influenza, Canine Distemper and Parvovirus, along with other infectious diseases. A vaccination from Lurgan Veterinary Clinic will protect your precious animals against illness and disease.

Vaccinations for Cats and Dogs

It is not only smaller animals that need the care and protection of vaccination. There is something known as herd immunity, which is designed to prevent infection spreading, even among animals which cannot be vaccinated, or who are resistant, keeping them all healthy. If you have livestock, or have horses, then all of them will need to be vaccinated to protect all your animals. Lurgan Veterinary Clinic can help you with this, and microchipping or routine health check services. Call us today.

Vaccination for Larger Animals

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