Professional Farm Animal Care

dog being examined by vet

Lurgan Veterinary Surgeons are dedicated to helping your animals in their hour of need. We can help your pet with a range of emergency treatments, routine health checks, vaccinations, microchipping or other assistance. We can also help to neuter your pets if you want to prevent them from wandering to far from home. Our pet care services are there to help your best friends when they have problems.

We offer:

•  Emergency treatment

•  Pet and farm animal vaccinations

•  Pet Neutering

•  Animal Dentistry and Orthopaedics

•  Radiology and ECG

•  Pet and animal pregnancy and birth

•  Routine health assessment.

Great Pet Care for your Animals At Lurgan Veterinary Clinic

Your farm animals can be as important to you as any other part of your farm. They often represent a significant part of your livelihood. When your animals become ill, or need expert health care, Lurgan Veterinary Clinic are here to help you. Our expert medical team can assist with all kinds of treatments, from emergencies to pregnancy help, microchipping and vaccinations. Call us today for more information.

Get the best care for your animals with our clinic. Call:

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